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10 Tips for Better Social Media Marketing Campaigns Featured

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Social Media Marketing refers to the practice of using online public communicative tools to promote and sell a certain service or product. In a nutshell, it’s exploring the never-ending world of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest in order to create a presence for your brand in your customers’ minds.

Social networking sites have been around for a long time now: Most of you older internet users will remember names like yahoo’s Geocities, Friendster and (the still active) MySpace as forefront figures in the social webosphere. The need to share your life with other people comes to a prominence in the virtual age of the 21st century, a fact that presents significant opportunities for the forward-thinking marketer.

Data is the name of the game in the Social Media Marketing playing tables: It’s affluent, it’s easily obtained and its uses are endless. Other marketing methods aren’t even close to it in terms of the information available: People share photos, interests, locations, life events and other details that can aid a smart advertiser in creating elaborate campaigns with conversion rates never before available.

I’ve curated some of the top things you should pay attention to when using Social Media Marketing to promote your service or product:

10 Tips Every SMM Pro Should Follow

1.    Social is Real-Time
Social networks are updated in shorter intervals than any other platform: Sometimes the distance between posts is less than a second. This means that your content might be missed, unless it is published at the correct time. Aim your publications to times when people are most likely to read them. Understand your audience, and customize your content and your publishing times to their schedule.

2.    Social is Real-Time. Yeah, Again.
A great thing about Social Media Marketing is its ability to broadcast actual events in a timely fashion. If a big convention or an interesting event that is relevant to your field takes place, it’s possible to share it with the world in real-time, along with your content. This is great for creating authority and building a strong brand name in your niche of choice. Make sure to utilize this as much as possible, in order to make your mark in the public’s mind.

3.    Create Conversations, Not Advertisements
The core of SMM is its predominant word: Social. When you’re advertising your services in the social media, you’re approaching an audience who is, by definition, self-absorbed and is interested in everyone knowing what it does on a regular basis. Use this in order to initiate personal conversations and engage your crowd with your product, instead of just presenting it to them.

4.    Social Media Marketing is Cost-Effective
Since most social networking platforms are free to use, Social Media Marketing can be incredibly cheap and create great ROI (return on investment). It is time-consuming, though, and requires constant attention to multiple channels at the same time. As time progresses, SMM might require you to invest your or your employees time into maintaining existing conversations and creating new ones, which can cause a decrease in work completed in other fields of the business.

5.    Social Media is Viral
A crucial part of the social media world is the speed at which information travels and the amazing spread it can achieve: If your content gets picked up by enough users, it can be re-shared an infinite amount of times, increasing your overall exposure rate and hopefully - conversion rate. Use this wisely – virality can be both a blessing and a curse the same time: if you happened to include something controversial or a wrong fact, you might get crucified and your brand’s image might suffer.

6.    Video is Back In
With the explosion of social media came the need for better, faster ways to consume the vast amount of information out there. It’s apparent that many successful businesses use video ads on social media sites, like Vine and YouTube, in order to promote their products and create a reputation for themselves. This is true especially given the short attention span humans have, and the fact that after the first few times a person sees it, a commercial is deemed irrelevant in his eyes – make the first times count.

7.    Social Media Marketing is Hard at the Beginning
In contrast to other marketing methods, SMM can be very hard from the get-go: It takes time to create traction and gain a crowd of followers, not to mention get any leads or sales. Make sure you keep on pushing even when the going gets tough, and continue creating conversations and engaging potential users with your products.

8.    Social Media Marketing is Always Changing
Due to its volatile nature, the social media world is always in the race to the next best thing: The best articles, the best pictures, the best songs, etcetera. It’s critical to modify your entire approach towards Social Media Marketing on a regular basis, making sure you don’t bore your users with repetitive content that provides them no real value.

9.    Choose Your Battles Wisely
A lot of companies have medium presence in a lot of social networks. This creates a false sense of security, a sort of “I Covered My Bases” feel. This is hazardous to your business because you’re not looking for a little exposure in a lot of markets, but rather a large exposure on a few select markets. Make sure you focus your efforts on 3-4 social networks at a time, establishing your brand as the top product in your field and maintaining a following that can, later on, expand to other social networks.

10.    Social Media Marketing Can be Used To Understand Your Market
If you’re not clear on the markets you’re looking to advertise in, or you’re trying to “feel the waters” for a new service that’s coming out soon, you can use small doses of SMM to test out the ground and understand what you’re facing. Do this carefully though, as these efforts might reduce the effectiveness of your future marketing campaigns, if done incorrectly.

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