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11 November 2015

You Can Ignore One-Star Reviews

“This product sucks. Took ten day to arrive. DO NOT BUY.” That’s all actual language from reviews on products I’ve recently purchased on Amazon. These particular products actually all had overwhelmingly good reviews; I had to dig a bit to find the bad ones, but choosing to which product to…
01 March 2015

Prepping for Your First Marketing Interview

A friend of mine with an impressive technical background, but no business experience, recently landed an interview for a marketing position. He asked for some help getting up to speed on marketing. Although the focus would be on his mathematical skills, he felt knowing a bit more about the business…
06 January 2015

Dear Plaza Motors

Dear Plaza Motors, Why do you make it so hard to do business with you? Do you really have enough business? If you'd like to have more business, one simple change to your service model would go a long way to making customers feel more welcome.The Issue Last time I…
10 May 2014

Google's $10 Billion Problem

Google has parlayed their success in dominating the search engine market into an empire that that dominates internet technology, computing, and media. It is also gaining ground in automobiles, communications infrastructure, clothing, cell phones, and more. At the heart of this empire, however, Google has a problem. Their $10 billion …
17 February 2014

Why Use an Ad Agency?

Long before I ever joined an agency, I used to wonder why companies paid ad agencies. Why pay the extra fees for an agency instead of doing the work in-house? It made sense that small companies might not have someone who knew how to put together a TV spot or…
05 February 2014

Spreading Hope: 6 Questions About Non-Profit Marketing with Billy Paymaster

When people think about “marketing”, they often think about clothes, movies, and other commercial products. Marketing can be put to much more noble purposes, however. Billy Paymaster is COO and Director of Marketing & Communications for Hope for Young Adults with Cancer. The organization was started two years ago to…
03 February 2014

Counterpoint: Super Bowl Ads are Worth the Money

Yesterday was the Super Bowl. This also means that, for the rest of the month, marketers will have a heyday pointing out all all the other ways that you could spend $4MM on advertising. They'll talk about demographics, total audience, and number of impressions. But these metrics miss the point…
13 December 2013

Let's Stop Talking About "Mobile"

Everyone in digital publishing and advertising is talking about "mobile." Web traffic from mobile devices is rising rapidly. For some sites, it has already exceeded "desktop" traffic. But people talking about the future of mobile are barking up the wrong tree. The world is not moving to a binary model…
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