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17 November 2014


1. Abbreviation - Agency of Record.
30 April 2014

Moment of Truth

1. The point in time at which a buyer decides whether or not to purchase a firm's product.

The moment of truth is the point at which all the elements of a marketing campaign must come together to seal a deal with the consumer. The phrase comes from the idea that, at this point, the marketer discovers whether his or her assumptions about the marketing plan are true. Have all four Ps been properly aligned with the buyer?

The product must be available at the place or channel the consumer wants to buy and must meet the consumer's needs. Promotional content must have created a level of brand awareness appropriate for the product's involvement. The product must be priced appropriately, both absolutely and compared to competitors.

If all are correctly aligned and the buyer makes the purchase, then the marketer is said to have won the moment of truth.
29 April 2014

Preferred Marketing Developer

1. A designation granted to ad tech companies that Facebook deems as valuable partners. The program is frequently referred to as "PMD."

PMDs produce applications using Facebook's API and other development tools which may improve data, access, or ease of use for advertisers and agencies. Facebook grants the designation to companies it believes increase the value of Facebook's advertising product (to advertisers).
07 April 2014


1. Abbreviation - Consumer Packaged Goods.
30 March 2014


1. Abbreviation - Planogram.
30 March 2014


1. A visual representation of how a retail outlet plans to display merchandise. It is sometimes referred to as a "POG" or, in a retail context, simply as a "plan."

Planograms are important because they indicate how prominently a product or line of products will be displayed at the point of purchase. In highly-competitive areas categories like grocery and CPG, brand management teams closely monitor how much space they are assigned on shelves, especially on shelves near eye-level or on product-moving endcaps.
19 March 2014


1. Abbreviation - Stock Keeping Unit.
19 March 2014


1. Abbreviation - Word of Mouth.
18 March 2014


1. Abbreviation - Non-Human Traffic .
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